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Peach is a businesswoman, entrepreneur and mom of 5 children ranging between the ages of 23 and 17. To say that her life is full is an understatement, but she chooses to be energised, positive and sees opportunity in everything she does.

Her business, Fresh Eyes, was born 23 years ago out of identifying that the Hospitality industry needed a solution, and the same could be said of the founding of Drinkerbell.

Her daughter, Skyla, was out one Friday evening at a restaurant in an upmarket suburb at 19h00 and her drink was spiked. The effects the spiking had on her were horrendous – physically, mentally and emotionally. It took her 2 months to recover and for the blood in her eyes to subside, she could have died. Sadly, some girls have, whilst others were assaulted, robbed or raped.

Peach’s philosophy is that everything in life happens for a reason, you can choose to be a “victor” or a “victim” so she chose to partner with Skyla to see how they could turn the “mess” into a “message” and prevent incidents like this from happening to any other girls or women.

The Drinkerbell was born, but had to do more than just solve a problem and protect women, Peach insisted it include empowering women, which is why all manufacturing is done by women who have been upskilled and employed by Embocraft Trust, as well as have a “give back” arm which is why a portion of all sales goes back to the Jes Foord Foundation to sponsor trauma counselling for women that have been raped. This started off as a heart project which Peach and Sky would love to see become a movement #stopdrinkspiking!

Having been a Guest Speaker at many Conferences and Events, Peach is now determined to use her voice to raise awareness, make a difference and save our girls!

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