We are extremely excited to have aligned ourselves with the Jes Foord Foundation. Every time someone purchases a Drinkerbell they are making a difference, not only to their own safety, but to other women who have not been as fortunate and have experienced rape and the resultant trauma.

A percentage of all our sales will be going to the Jes Foord Foundation, funding counselling for survivors of rape.


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Juno Botha's Story

I couldn't move, couldn't function, had a headache, was dizzy and all I can explain it as was being out of it. It's the most bizarre feeling...

Jackie's Story

I felt like a rag doll hanging onto the railing and puking over the edge...

Su Ulysses Story

I started feeling strange, like I’d had FAR to much to drink. I was slurring and lethargic.

Jade's Story

I can’t remember much from that night and the things I can are blurry and vague...

Shaz's Story

I'll never forget how she went from being a bit weird & out of it to just GONE while at the wheel of a car.

Jane's Story

The next day we went to the doctor, we had her blood tested and there was all sorts in there, including a small amount of cocaine. And trust me, she’s not the drug type...

A Parent's Worst Nightmare

She tried to get to the bathroom but was in and out of consciousness, which unfortunately meant she knew exactly what was happening to her and that it was being filmed...

Jess's Story

Jess had her drink spiked. 4 days later Jess was declared clinically dead, they switched the machines off and she was gone.

Natalie's Story

All of the sudden out of the blue I started crying, when I had absolutely nothing to cry about...

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