Jane's Story

I did a fundraising Golf Day at a local Durban golf club, DURING THE EARLY morning I might add. I was with another lady that attended with me to ensure all went well with our event. I had a can of cold drink and she had juice (open glass). Within minutes of us having our cold drinks, she started behaving so strange (to say the least).

After taking her home since she couldn’t drive etc, she was completely OUT of it. The next day we went to the doctor, we had her blood tested and there was all sorts in there, including a small amount of cocaine. And trust me, she’s not the drug type.

Nothing was done about it, because it was a family day, children around, waiters everywhere – no way of even knowing where or who it came from. Plus she felt so violated and didn’t want to say anything about it or take it further and be embarrassed.

We were both quite traumatised and the reaction we got from the company where we worked – WAS SHOCKING to say the least.

This thing is scary and I love what they’re doing on the link/website you shared – awesome work!

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