Juno Botha's Story


I'm a 'statistic' of drink spiking.

A friend was visiting from the UK, so we all decided on a night out. I was with a large group of friends, as well as my hubby.

It was around 9:30pm when we arrived, it wasn't cool to be there "early". My friend and I went to the bar and ordered a round of drinks for the group. Her and I ordered a Smirnoff Spin, our thinking, even back then was sealed bottle rather than open glass for safety reasons.

By 11pm, I was vomiting in the pot plants. I had ONLY had that one drink. I'm more a dance floor fan, than the bar.

I couldn't stand and thought something is very wrong. I knew I wasn't intoxicated, I'd had one drink. We left the club, and on the way home my hubby got a call out.

I was so out of it, I was confused, slurring words, dizzy, nauseous and eventually blacked out in the van, oblivious to what was happening around me.

I got home, got into bed, somehow... I don't remember anything. I slept until the next morning. Hubby helped me shower, I felt like I'd been hit by a bus. I noticed a blue stain on my white shirt I'd worn the night before. Nothing I'd had to drink was blue, nothing I'd worn, no make up, etc. So found that very odd but later heard that could be residue from a date rape drug, but unconfirmed.

I slept again until Sunday night, I couldn't move, couldn't function, had a headache, was dizzy and all I can explain it as was being out of it. It's the most bizarre feeling. You know you're 'ok', in other words don't need a doctor, well I felt I didn't, but yet felt like I was horribly ill. Almost like food poisoning, but 100x worse.

It was awful.

Never want to be that 'out of control' again.

I never reported anything, didn't really see the point at the time. But also because you have no proof, you kind of feel, what am I reporting. Your brain goes but what if.... It was something I ate, the drink had expired, I had an allergic reaction, some not even logical, but the unrealness of it, on top of the WHY? Surrounded by friends, husband close by, why me? Surely someone wouldn't do that to me?

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