Jade's Story

I went to a house party with a few friends, I remember arriving and not feeling too comfortable as there were a lot of people there but I stayed close to my friends and didn’t drink a lot. I had a bottle that I brought with me and throughout the night I remember losing it so I didn’t bother trying to find it.

The last thing I remember was trying to look for my one friend because I remember her being in a much worse and vulnerable state than I was and at this point I felt fine . I can’t remember much from that night and the things I can are blurry and vague. All I remember was being fine, looking for my friend, seeing one of my younger sister’s friends at the party and taking a video with her as well as seeing the name “klipdrift” somewhere and the next thing I knew I woke up in a hospital room confused and distraught.

I was the first out of three people to arrive throughout the night from the same party but my experience personally at the hospital and with the male nurse on call that evening wasn’t very kind, he treated me as if I was just some drunk teenager on a Friday night and asking me questions implying I had inflicted it on myself to get to the state I was in.

He proceeded to tap me on my head to wake me up and refused to give me an extra blanket when my mom had asked as I was shaking and ice cold but his response was that I wasn’t cold it was the effects of alcohol poisoning and didn’t even bother doing a toxicology report on me, which he did on the other two people who came in.

The next morning my mom told me it was my sister who called my mom to come and get me because her friend found me in a room by myself and then phoned my sister to tell her something was wrong and that my eyes were rolling backwards; my alcohol level was 0.1% and the video I had taken with my sister’s friend was taken at 8pm at 8:20pm my mom then got the call to say she needed to come and get me, so in the space of 20 minutes I went from okay to being rushed to casualty.

Overall , I’ll never really know exactly what happened to me that night and I’m still trying to work through that but if anything it has taught me it was never my fault even though I thought it was for a second and that no matter what I’m safe now and I have an amazing support system backing me.

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