Shaz's Story

My girlfriend and I encountered a group of guys who were clearly on a mission, making us feel so uncomfortable that we decided to leave the club early.

I remember there was a moment where we were dancing next to our drinks, and suddenly noticed one of the guys standing right next to our glasses. We got off the dance floor and sipped our drinks. My girlfriend had ordered a coke, and only drunk about half of it at this point.

We decided this situation just felt too uncomfortable, so we left our drinks to go elsewhere. We sat down at a restaurant to have a bite to eat. She started behaving really strangely, saying things that didn't quite make sense, but when questioned kept insisting she was fine. We got into the car - again she insisted she was fine to drive (it was her car). We turned onto the main road and she just blacked out. The car went careening off the road as I tried to grab the wheel and pull the handbrake - screaming at her to hit the brake pedal. She was so confused, could barely understand what I was saying, but finally managed to take her foot off the petrol and look at me to hear me talking (ok shouting at this point) to her.

We swapped places and I drove us the rest of the way home. I helped her up the stairs and into bed, she was like a ragdoll just following commands and prompts. She didn't remember any of it the next morning. Had a terrible hangover (from half a coke). I'll never forget how she went from being a bit weird & out of it to just GONE while at the wheel of a car.

We were SO incredibly lucky. I am still amazed at just how blatant they were. How I wrote them off as too ridiculous to be a real threat. We both could have died in that car. Had she finished her coke, instead of just having a few sips, who knows what it would have done to her?

Thank you Drinkerbell for spreading awareness and creating something to make women safer everywhere.

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