Jess's Story


This is Jess. Jess had her drink spiked.

4 days later Jess was declared clinically dead, they switched the machines off and she was gone.

I know Jess well, she worked for me as a promoter years ago and I loved her to bits. I can still hear her voice and laugh when I see her pictures. My heart is shattered. 💔

Her family came across the Drinkerbell posts and have opened up and shared Jess's story with me. She is Udo and Nola's daughter, Nick and Hylton's sister and wonderful friend to many.

I will be sharing more on Jess's story but please take drink spiking seriously - do not let your daughter, friend, girlfriend, fiancee, wife, niece, cousin or any girl in your life be ripped from you as Jess was from her family.

RIP beautiful Jess, we will keeping raising awareness in your honour and know your story and our initiative will save girls' lives, just wish you could have been saved too. 💔

Please, I beg you, raise awareness and get your Dinkerbells today!

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